Energymeter / Smartmeter / PaperUI / Modbus / RS485


  • OpenHAB2 version 2.5.7 running on a pi3
  • ABB B23 312-100 Energy-Meter, RS485
  • CH340E USB zu TTL USB zu RS485 Konverter

I’m able to established a communication Raspi to energy meter via USB to RS485 converter using “minimalmodbus”. communication channel works.

But now I do need some support how to get openHAB2 via PaperUI being configured.
Modbus binding has been installed. Also, the thing “Three Phase Meter”. What else is required? “Modbus Serial Slave…? If so some screenshots on config details would help.
Any guidance how to debug would be appreciated.

What thing is this?

You have to do the work, but we’ll help. What is your obstacle at the moment?

In general -

You need to create a serial Bridge thing. This represents your slave device, you will need to configure it with your comms details e.g. port, baud, id.
You may need to take steps to make your serial port consistently available to openHAB, depending on your host system, see the binding docs.

As a child of that Bridge, create a poller Bridge thing. This specifies one or more registers in a block to read-poll, so you’d need to configure it with register addresses, type, etc.
(Later you can add more pollers for different register blocks)

As a child of the poller, create a data Thing. This describes how to interpret the raw registers e.g. integer or float, etc, so you need to know how your slave populates them.
(Later you can add more data Things to each poller)
(Later you can add write details for any writable registers)

The data Thing has several channels available of different types, link the type you want to an appropriate Item type.

If you’ve already used some test software successfully, you already have all the details to set up your first Item to read. Let us know how you get on.

It’s from sunspec binding, showing under Modbus things in PaperUI