England, South-East area meet-up

I’d like to set-up a meet-up in the UK South-East this summer

Something informal probably in a country pub to exchange code, ideas and just share experiences.

Anyone interested?

Would love to, but don’t know when I am in Essex again…

Interested yes, but will depend on when & where - school holidays tends to be hectic!

Nearly any where on the rail network I could get to

Well, I want to get an idea on the geographical distribution before proposing a location

If you could give me an indication of you locations (town level will do) I can try to work out something easy for every one

Kingston-upon-Thames, SW London

Essex? This sounds like a nice occasion to meet King Ecbert:

Sorry, this is only one thing which comes to my mind when I hear this name. :slight_smile:

Where did you get my picture from?

I am afraid you haven’t known yet that you been accidentally filmed in “Vikings” tv series… these days they are putting cameras everywhere… even in medieval castles…

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That where I live!! These battlements are horrible for wifi!!