Enocean 315 end-of-life >> Enocean 902 mhz

Here in the US, it appears that EnOcean 315 mhz is end of life, SLOWLY being supplanted by 902 mhz.

Generally this seems to be good news in the sense that a trusted source at Alps Controls (a dealer) has reported that typical range problems of 315 MHz seem be vastly improved in the 902 MHz spectrum.

So now, the irony is that there are TONS of 315 MHz devices, but the USB 300C transceiver has been discontinued, which I believe is how OpenHAB would be controlling 315 MHz devices.

Can anyone answer:

  1. Leviton in the US makes an USB EnOcean transceiver called WSCOM-3W and another RS-232 transceiver called WS0RF. Can OpenHAB use these interfaces to communicate 315 MHz EnOcean devices instead of the USB 300C? I suspect they might be using the same USB chipset and even the same EnOcean transceivers for both, but I’d like to hear if someone has had real-world success.
  2. Can OpenHAB have EnOcean transcievers in BOTH frequencies simultaneously, or do they somehow conflict, e.g. a namespace conflict? If so, it would be great because lots of the quasi-liquidation 315MHz hardware is now quite affordable.
  3. How well supported are EnOcean devices such as relays and motion sensors?

Thanks in advance for any help