Enocean binding assigns duplicate SenderIds

I’m trying to create my initial Enocean setup using:

  • Rasp. 3 with
  • the USB300 Dongle and
  • openHAB 3.2.0

My initial trials went well, I’m migrating away from my FHEM setup. I created some Switching/Dimming Actuators for the FAM14 and I wanted to reuese my previous FHEM sender ids. It went mostly well, I can toggle some switches already, however for some old IDs the configurator said, they were invalid (e.g. id 1, or id 4). I could not find other things with the same sender id.

Next I deleted those “bad” Actuator Things and recreated them, leaving the Sender_ID empty to let the Binding decide which Id to use. However, now the binding assings already defined IDs (e.g. 10).
I checked org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json and there are also the two same IDs defined.

Is this a bug - am I doing something wrong?

Hi Stefan,
the binding only knows about the senderIDs it allocated OR that were specified by you during the thing-creation of each of the actuators.
So if you want to re-use existing IDs (because then no teach-in would be required), you’d need to first create all these things with their existing old-FHEM ID.
After that, all new IDs allocated by the binding will be free and can be safely allocated by the automatic assignment of the senderIDs.

Not sure what you mean by “confgurator” and “invalid IDs” though …

Thank you for the response. With “configurator” I ment the Web-Admin-Interface under Things → Add.

I could resolve this behaviour by deleting both actuators that had the same ID and readd them afterwards. The deletion of only a single actuator did not help. I took a look into the enocean addon code, but the id selection seams straightforward to me.

The only source that I could imagine might be, that for some reason the first of both actuators was not added into the sendingThings-array.