EnOcean Binding, cannot receive status from actuator Eltako FMS61NP

Hi everybody,

in addtion to my old problem sending commands to an EnOcean actuator (which is allready solved Enocean Binding, Cannot send from EnocianPi to actuator FMS61NP), I am still not able to receive the status from the actuator Eltako FMS61NP.

I use OpenHAB 2.4 Release and the snapshot 2.5 of the EnOcean Bindung on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with an EnoceanPi 868 modul for the pi.

I set up the actuactor as a “Classic Device” thing.

There is one item/channel for the rocker switch, which is allready sending commands to the actuator enocean:classicDevice:9742f578:virtualSwitchA

But the second (listener Switch) item/channel is not recognizing the status of the actuator.
The listener channel is configured with the printed EnOceanID from the case of the actuator.
I tried the channel configuration with channel A and channel B. Switch mode “rocker switch”.

The EEP of the actuator FMS61NP should be as follows:
Eltako FMS61NP Multifunktions-Stromstoßschalter F6-02-01 (bzw. 05-02-01)
see: https://www.bab-tec.de/index.php/eibport_v3_en.html?file=tl_files/Downloads/eibPort/Deutsch/Dokumentation/EnOcean%20eibPort%20gesamt.pdf

I first tought an other EEP would be the right one, but this seems to be only valid in an encrypted environment.

Thank you for your help in advance!


Hi Lukas (@Astra),

could you please post the log messages, when you switch your FMS61NP by your physical switch. I would like to see if your actuator sends status messages or not.

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Hi @fruggy83


2019-01-08 19:47:37.386 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘ClassicDevice_RockerSwitch01’ received command ON

2019-01-08 19:47:37.394 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - ClassicDevice_RockerSwitch01 predicted to become ON

2019-01-08 19:47:37.405 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - ClassicDevice_RockerSwitch01 changed from OFF to ON

are there any news regarding this topic? I have a similar problem: I can send commands to t’t he FSB61, in the logs there are entries, that commands have been sent, but the actor doesn’t do anything. Another problem is that I don’t receive anything from the FSB (also no RSSI). I also tried to change the settings for the messages from the FSB to my enocean Pi via the switches but no success.

best regards

Hi Georg,

no, I still have no solution.
I can switch my actuators, but I cannot read any status.

Therefore I switch twice to be sure to have the actuator in the right state.

my problem is that my OH2 is sending commands, but the FSB61 doesn’t do anything. I also have a single contact switch from gira ( EnOcean Funk Wandsender 1fach). The gira switch and the FSB61 work together. Could it be a problem that the OH2 is not the first learned sensor? My gira switch is registrated by the OH2 only is single “contact”, but if I press on down the FSB-61 activates down and if I press up the FSB-61 activates up (I have a simple test setup of my FSB-61 with one light bulb for up and one light bulb for down) . The OH2 only recognizes in the logs that the button is pressed, but not which side (up or down).

Maybe you can send me a screenshot how the FSB61 is regocnized in your OH2.

thank you for your help

Hi Georg,

sorry, but I use the actuator FMS61NP with some FT55 switches and the EnoceanPi 868 modul for the Raspberry PI.
I have no working implementation of a FSB61 actuator.
All my information are documented in this thread and in the thread [SOLVED] Enocean Binding, Cannot send from EnoceanPi to actuator FMS61NP.
Maybe the other (solved) thread can help you?

FSB61 works here without any issues (also status messages).

If the actor does not react to commands, you either chose the wrong EEP for it or your OH-Encoean is not properly paired to the actuator (most likely the issue).

sorry that I didn’t write the detailed name of the actor: It is a FSB61NP-230.

@Astra: I will read the other thread in the next days.

@mdillman: My next step would be that I will delete the actor out of my OH2 and then I insert it again. Maybe it helps.

Thank you for your help
best regards

@Georg1975, you probably do not need to delete the actor. Just re-do a pairing sequence as described in the binding docs (classic device): put your FSB61 into teachin-mode and toggle the pairing-switch in paper-ui


@mdillman I would say I found “my” problem: the ID on my FSB61-NP has only 7 digits. Could you please check how many digits the ID of your FSB61NP has? I expect that it has 8 digits. My other 2 eoncean devices have 8 digits ID and in several configuration sample there are always IDs with 8 digits mentioned.
I wrote an email to the technical support of eltako and I want what the tell me (I hope I get an answer as private person)

best regards

Yep, 8 digits. Just fill with a leading “0”:

See my config (not my real EnOceanid because of privacy reasons)

My actuators FMS61NP also have 7 digit IDs.
Only my switches FT55 have 8 digit IDs.

Now my FSB61NP is talking to my openhab (and listens to its commands :slight_smile:) . My mistake was that I didn’t made an item for the teach In channel. So my FSB61-NP never received a teach in message. So I learned a lot. For all the other beginners here: If you have only a 7digit ID then set a 0 in the beginning.

thanks for all hints

best regards

Dear all

thanks a lot for the good hints. I also try to embed ELTAKO FSB61NP devices in my OpenHAB-System.Yet, the Enocean USB 300 Dongle is activated, items and things for rollershutters are created, the Thing is online, the EnOceanID of the Eltako FSB61NP has 8 digits, the pairing/teach in was successful, but:

The Actuator does not react and I don’t hear the typical “click”.


Rollershutter oRollershutter_Actuator_1 “oActuator 1” {channel=“enocean:rollershutter:c327f0c6:rollershutter”, autoupdate=“false”}


Default item=oRollershutter_Actuator_1

Has anyone an idea?

Thanks a lot!


I’m glad that I am not the only one, who was fighting with this actor. You have to activate the “teach in” channel. Then you put the FSB61NP in the learn positon and then you activate the “teach in” channel once. Then the actor will work.

best regards