EnOcean Binding: Control shutters centrally (single actuators works)

today is a good day. After hours of trying things out, reading through documentaries and threads here, I learned my Eltako FSB14 rollshutter actuators and they work! It was easier than I thought, but the electrician did some mischief, what I had to correct first.

Now I would like to control them centrally. What’s the best way to implement something like that in openHAB? My final mission is to automate all rollshutter actions over an HTTP REST-API or MQTT.

  • Raise all venetian blinds
  • Shut down all venetian blinds
  • Move the venetian blinds to a specific shading position

My first thougt was a simple rocker switch, but this thing need a EnOceanID (which it belongs to) and has no option to open the venetian to a specific position.

Thank you!