Enocean Binding discovery resets Serial Port of Zigbee Binding and vice versa

I have been observing an annoying behavior when using both the Zigbee and Enocean binding in parallel on a Raspberry 3B+. I have a Zwave, an Enocean and a Zigbee Dongle attached to the Pi. each Dongle has a Symlink. I know that the Zigbee and Enocean Binding dont honor their Symlink through a reboot or discovery process and have to be set manually after this. But additionally when I start discovery for either of the two bindings it resets the serial port setting of the other and I than have to set this one manually again too. Both bindings are on the latest release. Only the Zwave binding honors its assigned Symlink. Does anybody know why this happens and if their is a solution?
Best regards Johannes

Hi Johannes @JGKK,

sorry I missed you issue in my repo. Really strange behaviour :thinking: When a discovery is started, I am doing nothing special with the serial port. I just analyse each incoming message for the teach in bit. However when you start the discovery an USBDiscovery is started as well. ZigBee Binding should have this USBDiscovery too. Zwave removed it. I do not know why???
I will test what happens if I remove the USB discovery.

Best regards

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maybe it has something to do with this issue

A small thing I noticed too is that the Enocean Binding is the only one which doesnt show the available Ports in the Dongle Serial Port configuration in Paper Ui or Habmin. You have to enter them manually. Dont know if I should open an Issue for this.

Best regards and thanks for looking into it Johannes