Enocean Binding LastReceived with a Remote OpenHAB 3.0.1 instance not working

Dear all,

I’ve running two instances of OpenHAB 3.0.1 on different devices (one main instance as server and a satellite instance on a Raspberry to include e.g. piCCU). I’ve connected an Enocean USB 300 on each OpenHAB instance and several things are connected to the corresponding Enocean Stick. I’m using the data from the satellite instance via the remote OpenHAB binding. I have no issues to get e.g. the contact state of a window contact channel (NODON SDO-2-1-05) from the satellite instance item to the main server. But I fail to get the LastReceived item, which works well on the satellite instance (checked via the GUI and also in the events-log), but I cannot get any data from this item to the main server. Independent how I link it on each instances, I get all the time “NULL” as value.
As a workaround I added on the main server for all my enocean things of the satellite instance a second item to the contact channel and use the profile “timestamp-update” to get an information, as soon as a new update was received. This works fine in general but fails as soon as the openhab remote binding connection gets lost and have to be recovered. In this case all such “timestamp-update”-items will get a trigger and it looks like, that all enocean things have send a new telegram at the same time.

fyi: I used this LastReceived information in my old OpenHAB2 installation to identify problems in communication and low battery.

Does anybody experience a similar behaviour of the LastReceived channel of an enocean thing when using it via a remote openhab connection?

PS: Meanwhile I also tried to create a “timestamp-update” item on the satellite instance for the enocean contact channels. Worked well on the satellite instance, but also here I did not get any value on the main server for this remote openhab item.