Enocean Binding: Opus Bridge 2 Channel

Hello, has anyone successfully connected “Opus Bridge” with openhab?

When I try to bind the Opus Bridge I get only the “Rocker Switch” , but I need the device with the EEP D2-02-11.

Some information about thedevice:
Product Page



It looks like the binding doesn’t support the eep d2-02-11 yet. See here https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/enocean/#supported-things

I think you have two options.
First you can open an issue on github asking for the implementation of this eep and wait. You can do this here https://github.com/fruggy83/openocean

Or you could use a generic thing with a js transformation using the method that @fruggy83 describes in this post New openHab2 EnOcean binding
I hope this helps.
Best regards Johannes

Hi, EEP should be supported:

|measurementSwitch|D2-01|0x00-0F,11,12|generalSwitch(/A/B), instantpower,

totalusage, repeaterMode NodOn In Wall Switch Discovery

I created the device manually and definied the EnoceaID what I found on the back of the device. I can see both switches and the RSI. When I press the physical button, openhab get the information from this action. Slider is moving and I get also the RSI information. When I try to switch it with openhab nothing happens.

Opus Bridge does not accept the commands from openhab. I tried to set the Opus Bridge in “Learn Mode” but I get no reponse.I think this mode is used to teach in sensors.

At the back of the device is also a QR-Code with the Enocen Security Code. Is it possible to use this code to create the paring manually?
BR Christian

Best would be if you open an issue on github or post over in the Enocean thread. @fruggy83 and @dominikkv have always been very helpful in helping with anything related to the binding.

Hi, I created a issue:

Following feedback I got from Jaeger:
Opus Bridge works with: ReCom (Remote Commissioning) und ReMan (Remote Management)

Is Reco&ReMan supported in openocean? Possible to implement? Thanks

Hi Christian @cnu,

welcome to the openhab community and sorry for my late answer (Eastern holidays :wink: ).
You are right, the EEP D2-01-11 should be already supported by the binding. Which version of the binding do you use? Could you please do the following:

  1. Activate the debug logging level of the binding
  2. Activate the discovery of the binding
  3. Set the bridge in learn mode
  4. Post the log

I am not sure what it means that the EEP D2-01-11 cannot be configured manually but only through the config tool. Maybe a teach in is just possible in conjunction with this tool. Do you own this config tool? Currently the binding does not support ReCom or ReMan. However both points are on my list.

Best regards

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I asked again Bush-Jaeger,sadly Opus Bridge does not support a Learn-In-Telegram. It only use ReCom and ReMan.

I got link to https://www.enocean.com/fileadmin/redaktion/enocean_alliance/pdf/EnOcean_Alliance_Remote_Commissioning_Summary_For_Public_Use_V1.0.pdf

But I think you will know it.

I will wait for your release with ReCom/ReMan support. Thanks for your work. NodOn products are working great with you enocean-binding.

Hi Christian,
good to know somebody was successful in integrating NodOn poducts. I just tried to include the SIN-2-1-0 measurement switch. I can use the physical switch and I can use openhab for switching. However the switch state does not get updated, meaning if I switch on the physical switch from ON to OFF this is not received by openhab and if I switch with openhab from ON to OFF and then leave and come back to this switch in openhab it shows as being ON again (while the light is OFF). So if by chance you have the same switch it would be great if you could share your configuration.
Thanks and best regards