EnOcean connection with IPS EnOcean LAN Gateway - Possible?

Hi there,
For our new house I’m trying to integrate all the different devices into OpenHAB and I’m quite successful so far. The main control is supposed to be done through Homematic IP Wired and also that connection works.
To integrate some EnOcean door handles I bought the IPS EnOcean LAN Gateway to have their status available in the Homematic environnement.
After some considering I thought I makes much more sense to have those handles directly in OpenHAB and wanted to connect the mentioned EnOcean Gateway to OpenHAB through the EnOcean binding.

Unfortunately despite a lot of searching it seems I’m the first one who tries to do this kind of connection. The usual xx.things definition as per the bindings description results in a “port cannot be initialized” error in the OpenHAB log. The IP-addresses are definitely correct as the very same gateways works when connected to the Homematic CCU3.
I already read the hint to shutdown any other device that might access it so I shutdown the CUxD without any improvement.

Has anybody here tried anything similar? I’d be very happy about any suggestions.

Thank you and best regards