Enocean dimmer with switch

Hi All,

I am a user of OpenRemote for a long time and consider to use OpenHab (V3.0.1).
I have a system from Eltako with the FAM14, FUD14 (dimmer) and FMS14 (relais).

In my openremote configuration i can controle my dimmer with the

  • switch on/off command EEP F6-02-01
  • dimmer control command EEP A5-38-08

Both commands and responses are programmed into my FUD14 on the same id.

So i made a thing for my usb Enocean Gateway (is working)
Then i made a thing switching/dimmer actuator, in the model i can control the dimmer in OpenHab 3 and the dimmer is following my openremote system.

Now i made a switch point to the switching/dimmer actuator it will turn on and of the dimmer but with the dimmer value of 0 and 100%. But when i turn off and on the dimmer i don’t want to chang the dimming value. Value is in the memmory of the FUD14 and is send into the enocean system when i turn on and of the dimmer by a switch.

How can i create a thing switch (classic device) with the same id as the thing switching/dimmer actuator.
OpenHab is not allow to do that.

Or is there an other solution to control the dimmer by slider and by switch.
Sorry if i using the wrong OpenHab terms but i am a starter…

Hi @Arie ,
Try to send the command OFF instead of 0. This will
turn off the light without sending a new dimmer value.

I created a widget which I open in a popover at my floor plans. There you got a slider and a switch.

Hi Dirk,
Thanks for your answer and sorry my late response…
I made a test system with my backup Eltako modules so now i can start with testing.
I missing something, how and where can i send the ON and OFF commands?
Is this by code? For now i am using the graphic skill of Openhab 3.0.1
Can you put me in the right direction… some example?
The widget looks nice and you can see in one time what’s happing within the system.
For me it will be helpfull. I am try this to work in the thing, model and item chapters of OH.

Hi @Arie ,
You can’t send the OFF command via a switch without code behind it because the dimmer channel in openhab doesn’t accept a switch as item.

But you can start with an easy rule created in GUI like:

When Item „YourSwitch“ changed to OFF then send command OFF to item „YourDimmer“.

Hey together,
I also just spend nights to get it running… without success…
My plan was to use an enocean rocker (nodon soft remote) and an eltako FD62-230V dimmer and just do as if they where linked directly. Means, short press up = 100% on, short press down = 0% on; long press up = dimming up from x% to 100%, long press down = dimming down from x% to 0%.

But I didnt get it running. Pressing the rocker always leads to 0% or 100%. Definition like that:
Link from enocean rocker to dimming-switch item:

Link from enocean dimmer to dimming-switch item:

But also this alternative way dont work:

So do I have to make it as rule, as above stated from DirkDirk? Then how to determine the current dimming level to be able to start increasing / degreasing by “long press rocker up / down”?

Anyone from the many eltako users with an explanation please?

Thanks a lot,

What is your usecase ? Why do you dont teach-in the Nodon directly into the FD62 ? The long-press function you mention should then be just the result (at least it is with my FUD61 and the like).
Add only FD62 to OH and then you can control it completely by OH means (dimming level and so on).

You can create a simple Blockly script with a while loop.

While rocker item state is pressed
Get dimmer state, set as a variable and add 5 to it.
Send variable to dimmer
Wait a few ms.

This should work and is easy to set up.

Dear mdillmann,
dear dirkdirk,
thanks for the answer.
Use-Case is: Switch light on at day = 100% on, switch light on at night = 10% on, else normal behaviour.
I implemented a short script that works roughly (not 100% bug proof!), please find here also for others as example.
Therefore for me now fine and closed. Thanks a lot.