Enocean EEP A5-09-02 (CO Sensor) missing

there is a new device on the market, which uses EEP A5-09-02. It’s a CO-Sensor from WinShine (Wireless CO Sensor - EnOcean Alliance). This is in my opinion an interesting security device, so I would buy such a sensor. Unfortunately there is no support for the used EEP in openHAB 2/3.
Is it possible to implement that EEP in the binding in the near future?

Do you still have this device?

I could try to add support for it, are you up for testing it?

No sorry. I sold it after 6 month of waiting for a reply. Now I use the Eurotronic Z-Wave device.

are you able to add unsupported devices to the enocean binding?
I think there is a huge request for it because the original maintainer doesn’t respond anymore.
Maybe you can do it?

Hi, I added support for A5_09_04 - I have such a device at home and I am testing my implementation with it now). I can add for the other devices in the A5_09 group, but I don’t know how to test it?
If you can give me a hint how to test it or if you have such devices and you can test it for me, will be great.

I am talking about all kind of new enocean devices, not only the A5_09 group.

Pls see here for the requested devices:


I took a look, and I believe I can help with some of them.
I will check it tomorrow.