Enocean - Eltako FSSA-230V teach in / repeater

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner with openhab. My Problem is, that i do have several Enocean devices in my old Vitocomfort 200 system and would like to start openhab 3 now.

the installation was no problem. But i do have a problem to intigrate the Eltako FSSA dvice.
Can somebody help?
How can i use it as a repeater? Because i need a repeater for my enocean signal. the USB Dongle at the openhab raspberry pi is to weak.

Platform information:
openHAB version: 3
Raspberry Pi 4
Enocean USB 300 Dongle

Problem Device: Eltako FSSA-230V

I hope someone is able to help.
and sorry for my bad englisch
With Best Regards

You can set the FSSA to be a repeater on the FSSA itself (see manual), nothing OH or the binding can help with.
Main question is: is the FSSA close enough to receive the telegrams initially ? (otherwise it can’t repeat). So you may need to place your PI differently or have another Encoean device in between that can act as a repeater.


Hi Markus,

Thank you very much.
i activated the repeater mode at the beginning.
but i didn’t know that it will work directly without any binding.
With best regards

Hello is your problem solved ?