Enocean: Emulate a Rocker Switch? (Send signals?)

Hi there,

I’ve got a USB300 Enocean Stick and wondered what I can do with it in our office that uses Enocean Rocker switches.

I only have access to the Hardware switches and I can include them in Openhab without problems.
However, I would like to send out the signals that these switches send, so I can control the light from my computer.

Is this possible? And how would I do this?

I understand that I need to create a classic enocean device and specify the Enocean ID of the target.
Is it possible to retrieve this somehow from the switch signal I’m receiving?
Is it possible to do this without pairing?

I’ve no experience with Enocean but maybe using wireshark you can capture the package to get the info needed?

The easiest way I can think of right now would be to create a classic device that has the same enocean ID as one of the switches you have access to. That way you have a virtual rockerswitch wich can do the same thing as the physical one. Have a look at the virtual switch example here https://github.com/fruggy83/openocean#example