Enocean -> InfluxDB


i am looking for a way to store received values in an InfluxDB.

The only ways i found, was via NodeRed and HomeGear.

Any other Hints for me ?
Perhaps via MQTT

Thanks in advance


openHAB was not mentioned anywhere in your request so I’m not really sure what you are asking or why you are asking here on this forum. If you are looking to store values into InfluxDB using openHAB, than see:

for the documentation to set up openHAB to save Item states to InfluxDB. Then you need to get your Enocean to update the Items. For that there is a binding.

Thanks for your fast Reply

I am using openhabian !

Sorry, it is unclear to me, how i could make a received Enocean value persistent in InfluxDB ?

Please explain

Install the Enocean binding
Create the Things
Create Items
Link the Channels of the Things to the Items
Configure InfluxDB persistence
Configure the Items to be saved by InfluxDB persistence

Look at the docs for details about any of those steps. If you need help getting started see the New User’s Tutorial in the doc and review How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial)

Trank u very much

Will try this tomorrow…

It worked, Thank you very much !

My lack of Knowledge was, that openhab is able to persist/store values in such an easy way…