Enocean Issues with Eltako FGW14-USB


my FGW14-USB arrived today. I did the setup as instructed here:


Receiving Data works just fine. Sending commands on the other hands doesn’t work.

Maybe there is a bug in the EnOcean binding? It seems as OpenHab is sending with the ESP3 protocol instead of the ESP2? I’m running version 2.5.10

Hi, you’d need to provide more info (esp. your configuration) if you want somebody to help you. Please check out this post as well.

Here an image of the gateway config. The entered EnOcean ID is the ID my FAM14 has.

The gateway is connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 which put the serial connection with ser2net in the LAN.

Here also an example config for one of the actuators. The ID OpenHab generates is entered in PCT14 like in the above-mentioned forum entry.

All the stuff was running with a USB300 just fine. (I changed the setup in PCT14 to fit the guide).

Receiving data from the room controls and buttons works fine. But the actuators don’t seem to react to anything.

from what I can tell looks good, esp as you seem to be able to receive ok.

Perhaps try to take complexity out be directly using the USB and not going thru ser2net (just for testing).
As you mentioned it worked using a USB300, did you teach in the new setup to the actuator ? Because base-id changed it won’t react.
Perhaps you could also go back to the working configuration and try only to change small pieces to isolate ?

This post from the binding author may also give you some background info.
I do not know your exact setup, but this may apply to you :

It is not possible to control radio actuators (actuators not connected to the bus) when you are connected to a RS485 gateway. The FAM14 transmits only filtered bus telegrams into the radio network. So if you want to control radio actuators too, you still have to use an USB300 or integrate a FTD14 into your RS485 bus. This device is intended for transmitting bus telegrams into the radio.