EnOcean iTRV / a5-20-01 support

Micropelt iTRV radiator valve is an answer to my radiator valve problem. No wires and no batteries, just install and go.

Is there any chance to get support included in OH? That would be a killer for openHAB.

There is a RESTful enOcean bridge which covers just about all enOcean device profiles. Do you think this could be used with HTTP binding or similar?

This sounds like more stable choice over USB… and I just like the idea of having it running on it’s own regardless of me rebooting the OH server.


Nice idea but in my opinion extremely overpriced.
If OH doesn’t support this enocean type, I think it would be an alternative to setup a FHEM server on your OH server (or with an separately installed RasPi) and control it through this way with an TCM310 usb stick. IIt should be at least a better (and especially with less costs) way.

Thanks for your hint. RHEM is easily accessed from OpenHAB?

There are some different ways to communicate with FHEM. E.g. through http cmd? api (http://fhemhost:8083/fhem?cmd.Lamp=set%20Lamp%20off) or TCP/IP or MQTT. These are some examples and the goal can be archived e.g. by using the “notify” command in FHEM.

iTRV are very loud when moving.
& they have issues when you have multiple of them.
there is a reason Micropelt fell into insolvency twice

This seems doable. Thanks for help!

julianb: in that case i need to reconsider. thanks for the tip.

dont know if still relevant but those (Thermokon SAB05) may be better.