ENOcean SAB+ valve actuator implementation not fully successful

Good evening guys,

I’ve got a new valve actuator: SAB+ from Thermokon (https://www.thermokon.de/direct/en-gb/categories/sabplus?filter_articles=1)
It’s running on EN-Ocean protocol, so I tried to implement it on OH3 by using the EnOcean-Binding. When using the Auto-Scan function, it’s only found as a generic thing. By manually implementing it as a Thermostat-Thing, the values of temperature and feed-temperature seem to make sense. But the setpoint can not be sent, somehow just nothing happens. By having a look at the failure code, which can be added as a point, it shows -1 (advanced point).

So I’ve got a few questions… Is that gadget compatible with the binding? What means the failure code -1?

Sorry if the question is a bit stupid, I’m still beginner with OH3 :sweat_smile:.