EnOcean setbaseid channel - correct usage from the UI?

Hello together,
I’m running OH3.3 and I need to replace my EnOcean USB-Dongle.
From what I understood I can use the setbaseid channel of the Gateway. So the new Dongle uses the same Base ID as the old one and I don’t need to teach in all actors.

So I created a setbaseid item in the UI. As this is a string channel I can’t set the value direct from the UI.
At least that is what I’ve read.
So I need to use a transformation or something similar. But how, without screwing it up?
I mean I’m a little bit afraid, that I consume the 10 writes and end up with a wrong base id. Otherwise I would just do trial and error as always.



Hi Chris,
there is no need to use a transformation or similar.

Just use your old BaseID as the value for the string channel and “write” it to the new stick.
E.g. you can use the old BaseID as a command option added via meta data to send the value to the new stick.


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Worked like a charm :slight_smile: