EnOcean setbaseid channel - correct usage from the UI?

Hello together,
I’m running OH3.3 and I need to replace my EnOcean USB-Dongle.
From what I understood I can use the setbaseid channel of the Gateway. So the new Dongle uses the same Base ID as the old one and I don’t need to teach in all actors.

So I created a setbaseid item in the UI. As this is a string channel I can’t set the value direct from the UI.
At least that is what I’ve read.
So I need to use a transformation or something similar. But how, without screwing it up?
I mean I’m a little bit afraid, that I consume the 10 writes and end up with a wrong base id. Otherwise I would just do trial and error as always.



Hi Chris,
there is no need to use a transformation or similar.

Just use your old BaseID as the value for the string channel and “write” it to the new stick.
E.g. you can use the old BaseID as a command option added via meta data to send the value to the new stick.


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Worked like a charm :slight_smile:


I have the same problem, but I don’t know where to enter the BaseID as a value for the string? At the top it says “Null” but I can’t edit that.

Thanks for any help!

You need to click “Add metadata” and then “Command options” at your item.
There you enter the new BaseID. Save it.
Now when you click onto the state of your item (where it shows null at the moment) there will be the new BaseID to select. Click it to wirte it to the bridge.
Use this function with caution, you can only write a new ID 10 times.

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Perfect, thank you!