EnoceanPi Gateway not found

Hello Smarthome Friends,

i am running Openhab 2.5.10 on a raspberry4 and just installed the Enocean Pi Gateway. Unfortunately the Dokumentation only states “A directly connected USB300 can be auto discovered, an EnOceanPi has to be added manually to openHAB.” After searching for a couple of days and finding a lot of different “solutions” that havn’t worked i’m hoping somebody here can give me a hand.

What are the correct steps to adding the EnoceanPi?

Thanks for the help!

It worked fine when I “prepared” the serial port correctly (i.e. it is not used otherwise):

  • sudo openhabian-config
  • select “30 | System Setting”
  • select “35 | Serial port”
  • Check both options: “1 (RPi) Disable serial console” + “2 (RPi3/4) move Bluethooth to mini UART”
  • press OK

Create Thing “EnOcean Gateway” with path “dev/ttyAMA0”