Environment Variables (for Dev system)

I’ve got a dev 2.5 system to help me upgrade my 2.3 system.

Manually, I’ve changed the mqtt.cfg and influx.cfg to include -dev so that client ids don’t clash for mqtt, and a different DB is used.

Since I’m doing the 2.5 upgrade in a branch then I can merge any 2.3 changes if I make an alteration, and intending to merge the 2.5 branch to master once I move my prod system over. Now because I’ve fiddled with the config files, I have to remember the changes I’ve made in these (ie automatically loaded bindings, like unifi, don’t exist in my prod system but do in the dev system, or a change to the influx db name, or change to mqtt client id) as these cannot be merged.

So I found this old thread: Can I use environment variables in openhab.cfg? where the user wanted to use an environment variable. It looks like it’s not possible. But here was mention of a script to change it on start up. Is there more insight on this?

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