Envisalink / DSC panel - OpenHAB 2 Panel UI setup cannot set disarm code

Just started using openHAB, and I’m on openHAB 2 (using latest snapshot) on Windows 7. I’m good with computers but not a programmer, so I opted for the Standard setup and am using Panel UI. I’ve installed the Envisalink binding and got all the components added as things. My system has one ‘partition’, and I can successfully arm my security system. However, I’m unable to disarm, and I have no idea where to input the security system code. It should be an option in the configuration for the partition but it’s not there. There are no .things files for me to edit to add this to. How do I input my security system code so I can use openHAB to disarm the security system?

You can find it in the configuration for the ‘panel’ thing. The parameter is called User Code.

Got it, thanks! I would’ve thought this would exist on the partition level based on the other documentation so I didn’t look at the other components.