Eos Lighting Automation

Eos Lighting

Like the goddess of the dawn, Eos will bring light to your home with intuitive control and custom scenes.

Eos is the kind of lighting control I’ve wanted since I started using openHAB back in the summer of 2017. I’ve gone from a couple of lights that I controlled individually, to lights in groups that I would send commands to. Then to some lights that were controlled by the light level in a room and had a manual mode. The more functionality I would add the messier my rules got, and then I found JSR223/Jython. Finally I could code rules with a complete language, not just a scripting language. This lighting system is actually my third time working on the concept, but the other 2 never made it very far off the drawing board due to lack of time. In the end that has worked out in my favour, in the time since then I have learned a lot and Eos is far simpler that either of its predecessors would have been. It has cut a huge amount of bloat from my rules and given me more and simpler control of my lights.

The main idea behind Eos was to be able to have lights in a group, have the group set to a scene, and have all the lights set based on values in their metadata. At its core, that’s what it does, but there is much more to it now and still more to add.

Getting Eos

I have decided to maintain Eos in it’s own repository for the time being. I will likely later merge it in to the openHAB Helper Libraries.

You can check out the wiki for documentation on how to install and use Eos.

Please let me know if you find a bug, have a suggestion for an improvement or new feature, or just have a comment or question.
Thank you for your interest in this project!