EPEX spot binding

Just a short heads-up: I am thinking of providing a generalized version of the aWATTar binding directly accessing the EPEX Spot API. I contacted EPEX a few days ago and now got the first answer:

“But unfortunately, we can’t do business with private parties.”.

I now explained more in detail what I planned, but my hope that they grant access to the API (or a part of it) is quite limited after this response.

@Kai Could maybe the openHAB foundation act as “official” contact for EPEX, or is this far beyound the scope of the foundations business?

Are you aware of the not-yet-official entsoe binding ?
It’s working already but orphaned, looking for a maintainer.
cc: @weymann

Ah, my bad. I thought I read something like this already in the past, but somehow confused EPEX spot and Entso-E. In this case the Entso-E API should be the one to use. I already canceled my request to EPEX spot.

I will have a look at the Entso-E binding.

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