Ephemeris still doesn't use local translation files

Hi all,

since I’m using Ephemeris almost 4 years now it still doesn’t work to lookup translation from a local copy of translation file. e.g. holiday_descriptions_de.properties for German, which is based on same location than holidays_de.xml

This seems not to work right from the beginning when I start using it with openHAB 2.x, it’s still not working using openHAB 4.1.0 stable.

I can imagine that this is because there is no configuration to local holiday_descriptions_de.properties while there is no documentation how to configure :confused:

Since this might not be an issue for holidays which are available in global translation files, this exactly stops working for personal special days. Sure thing a map translation would do the job, but this only would be a workaround rather than a solution?


Also see

And to be more precise, .getHolidayDescription seems to work (sort of), but doesn’t respect the given file, but uses a maybe internal version of the file, so it’s not possible to add other holidays.