eQ-3 MAX! thermostats Binding?

Hey guys,

I’m thinking to start my own smart home with openHAB. As a start, my first goal would be to implement a heating control using the eQ-3 MAX! thermostat. After first looking through the bindings, I found a binding for the MAXCube and the MAXCUL binding.

As far as I understood both, I need extra hardware beyond the thermostats (and possible window contacts): On the one hand the MAX!Cube, on the other hand a CUL dongle. My question: is there a direct option to connect the Thermostats to the openHAB using a different binding or do I really need to purchase the cube or the CUL dongle?

Thanks in advance for your kind responses :wink:

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I think that are the 2 options indeed.

That unless you are going the arduino way and spend a lot off time developing the hardware and software.
There is no ready other option.

Well you could buy e.g. a RFBee and load a CUL firmware to it, then connect it to a serial port of your device and use it as a CUL.