eQ3-HM-CCU2-App vs Homematic Bridge

I installed the actual snapshot on a test raspberry.
After the installing the Homematic binding - I see 2 type of Things:

  • eQ3-HM-CCU2-App
  • Homematic Bridge
    What is the difference of the 2 things and which should be used - it can only one be used.
    Thanks for some hints

No solution unfortunately, just a “me, too”. I’ve been using “Homematic Bridge” from the beginning and a few builds ago a second bridge “eQ3-HM-CCU2-App” appeared in the inbox of Paper UI. When I add it as a thing, all HomeMatic devices are discovered a second time. Maybe it is obvious, but I don’t understand the difference between the two. Is “eQ3-HM-CCU2-App” set to replace “Homematic Bridge” some time in the future? Is it a bug? Or is something wrong with my / our setups?

openHAB 2.3.0~20180325175928-1 (Build #1241)
RaspberryMatic with version

Are there any news or at least an explanation what this “eQ3-HM-CCU2-App” is exactly?
Searching for it just pops up this single thread, no doc, no release notes nothing.

Yesterday I updated from OH 2.2 stable to 2.3 stable (with CCU2) and I also have this new Thing “eQ3-HM-CCU2-App” in the inbox. Don’t know what to do with it since everything runs without major problems.
If someone has an explanation I’d be interested in knowing what’s all about this new thing

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I have also this issue, make it sense to change to the new CCU device or what can be removed that this duplicate isn’t there ?

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no solution on my side yet - just a “me too” from me". Added these items, now each one exists twice in the Items-Folder. The devices still work as before. Has anyone an explanation?
Thanks and best regards,

Hi everyone,

just ran into the exact same behavior. I updated from openhab 2.2 to 2.3 and “eQ3-HM-CCU2-App” showed up in the inbox. By adding the thing all homematic devices get rediscovered.
However, without adding it, everything runs just fine.

So… What is it for ?

Hello guys, I know this topic is old but I just saw this post and had the same problem a while ago. I created a topic about it, where I got some help on how to fix it. Maybe it is still helpful to some of you.

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