Error 404 on dashboard

This evening, everything disappeared after a reboot. No Paper UI, No Habpanel, No REST API, nothing. All 404s.

Eventually, I found a solution from January where:

feature:install openhab-ui-dashboard

Got me back up and running again.

But I seem to have gone back to a point where I was earlier. A Zwave sensor that took me ages to get working has decided that it’s an unknown device again having not completed discovery. Habpanel changes that I made this morning have disappeared. I added 3 network devices. Gone. I got the Alexa binding working so that my Echo Show made an announcement based on my phone being connected. Gone, but the rule in default.rules is still there.

I’m at a complete loss as to what might have caused this but I’m losing faith here.

Anyone got any ideas on what’s wrong?

What are you running OH on and what version?

Pi 4, latest version as I only set it up less than a week ago.

Check you have a good power supply (big issue with Rpi’s) and the SD card is not corrupt. Hard to check the SD card but if you have a different one then I would use it.

Also, did you install OH manually, apt-get, or openhabian image?

It’s a genuine PSU and the SD card is definitely not corrupt. If it was then I wouldn’t have been able to recover to the point that I have. Like I say, things like rules for automations I had created hours before were there but the Things and Items were gone. My HABPanel had gone back to a state it was hours previously even though I’m not using local storage. It’s an openhabian image.

Use openhabian-config tool, pick option 10 then select “Add needed packages”, “Fix Permissions” and “svr mounts”. After that stop OH and clean the cache then do a few restarts (not reboots).

I’m not saying that you do have an SD card corruption, but it is very possible for a corrupted file system to be like that. When the SD card starts to fail, some writes work, some don’t. In the more likely source of file system corruption, any file that is sharing the same sector that is being written can become lost. Because of wear leveling, that means you can lose all or parts of any file on the system.

A corrupted file system or failing SD card does not mean a completely unusable system. Some users are able to limp along for quite some time with a failing SD card. Others can have lost parts of files because of a power loss and never know it because it’s a file that isn’t used or doesn’t matter.