Error 409 - Conflict when trying to remove things

openHAB2 on Pi3.

I installed the Exec Binding and wrote a script that echo the content of a file

When I try to delete the command:exec from things in papare ui i’m getting the Error 409 - Conflict
in habmin it says Error deleting Things
I tried through :
ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101
things clear
and delete it from :

restart about 3 times in the process …
and still it there …

how can I debug it ? do I have to reinstall the whole system ?

Thanks :sunny:

According to the docs, this means that the thing is not editable. This generally means that you have defined the thing in a text file and not through the UI and it must therefore be deleted in the text file, and not the UI…

Thanks Chris.

I searched the /etc/openhab2/things
and /etc/openhab2/items
for it and couldn’t find any mention…

Do you know where paper UI and/ or habmin saves its files? maybe it’s there.

Anyway I backed it all up so reinstall probably will solve it :slight_smile:

It goes into a database - it’s stored in the jsondb folder of the userdata. Error 409 means that the thing isn’t editable, so I don’t think it should be saved in the database.