Error 503 on image with camera streaming


I’m on stable OH2 and I want to see my camera streaming on OH2.

If I use video in sitemap, there is no video at all and OH2 is stuck. If I use image, it’s ok for a moment then I have this error if I try so see what happened in my browser (firefox).

503 Service Unavailable
This stream is MJPEG and had been setup 10 connections.
There are too many connections in this stream use right now.
Please try again later.
Or try to use another stream.
The session error number is 2.

Does someone have this problem ? How to solve that ?


I reply for one point, thta I don’t check well.
If I try access my ip camera stream from firefox, I’ve got the same message. So this message came from my ipcam.

Before upgrading to OH2, I’ve never got this message.

Does OH2 don’t close stream when go to another page ?

Auto reply again.

It seems that my problem is gone with not doing a reverse proxy of a reverse proxy ;0)