Error accessing files on shared network to run on VS code

  • Platform information: Openhabian
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • OS: Windows 10


I am setting up openHAB for a small company network. I got OH to work on the Pi and can connect to it with my laptop using the static IP of the Pi, and I’m able to use the nano editor in ssh. Attached is the screenshot of it.

The problem is, after giving the login credentials on the shared network, a permission error pops up.

Username: Company\Ip address
Password: ***
Attached is a screenshot of the same.

Any ideas? Please help me get through this so that I can edit the files using VS code.
Thanks in advance.

Seems you already have an active connection to the server with different credentials. You have to logout from Windows desktop to cancel the connection.

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Try to access these folders from other PC (preferably with other OS). If this will not help, connect your PC to RPi directly via Ethernet cable and try it again.

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open a cmd box and run

net use

in case there is already an active connection you should see it.
With net use and the correct parameters that connection can be closed/released.

net help

to get information about the usage of that command.

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Not able to access from other PC as well. And the RPI doesnt get internet if connected directly to PC via Ethernet.

I tried this command, and it shows that there is an active connection.

So you are able to access the share/mal per drive?

You don’t need to get internet in such case. You should check access to Openhabian shared folder directly (witout connecting to local network). If you can, you will know that there are some security issues in your local network.

I’m not sure about that. In fact, even if accessing only the UNC path, Windows will cache that access with user credentials and will prevent logins with other user credentials until you are logged off an on again to the windows session.

The credentials are still not working for the shares.
Either the access to the share has to be reconfigured or there is another user for SMB access.
Can anyone tell me how I can do it?

User and password is openhabian by default. You can change the password via openhabian-config.

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