Error checking etc

Just started using VS Code with the OH2 plugin and I was working on my first sitemap file. OH2 kept ignoring it due to errors every time I saved it. How do I ensure that VS Code is set up properly to help me check for errors in syntax etc?

I’m a beginner so I’m trying to learn. Thanks!

I don’t mean to be rude but you are asking a lot of questions that can easily be answered with searching. Please try doing a little footwork. It’s not fair for us to have to feed this info to you.

This is clearly answered in the docs:

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Thanks @Moxified… I did read that documentation and the section regarding Rule Validation said the Language Server is active by default. I wasn’t seeing it flag anything. Perhaps I’m missing something but I did read first. Apologies as I’m not trying to be spoon fed without spending the effort.

This is what I read…
This extension comes with Language Server Protocol support. Language servers allow you to add your own validation logic to files open in VS Code. openHAB from version openHAB 2.2.0 Build #1065 (SNAPSHOT) has the Language Server exposed on 5007 port. openHAB 2.2 since build #1084 has LSP feature enabled in the runtime, so there are no additional steps for you to make it work.

Ok. NP. Well, I think in this case you might be right that the doc is a little incomplete on this… idk. It does say that is mandatory but it is under the sitemap preview section.

Anyways. Add a setting for to the ip of your OH server. That’s probably what you are missing.

Thanks… here’s what my settings are currently. Is this all I need assuming the IP and password are correct?

“”: “10.0.X.XXX”,
“openhab.port”: 8080,
“openhab.password”: “XXXXXXXXX”

I believe for the LSP, you just need the { “”:“” }

The other bits would be needed for other functions if you care.