Error: Could not find or load main class old

Foolishly I thought I would update to the latest build 850. I’ve updated before so didn’t expect a problem but above is the error that is reported when I try to start Openhab2. I am on OSX Sierra. There are some error reports in Github but I don’t understand them nor do I see a fix.

What is the last working build? Or is there a simple fix?

So, after spending a lot of time catching up on Home Assistant and getting very frustrated with the fragile syntax parsing of YAML files, I got a working thermostat and managed to display the status of my many IOT devices. There was no help here so I just downloaded build 853 and that worked. I had to re-install all the necessary bindings and rediscover all the associated things and at last OpenHAB is back but what works and what doesn’t, time will tell. I have to say that Home Assistant updates work a charm, even if they are too frequent. OpenHAB updates are a nightmare.

It seems that these two projects are still neck and neck and which will come out on top isn’t clear.