Error flood with milight binding - Port out of range:-1

Hi All,

I’ve managed to get the milight binding working (new ibox 2 / openhab running in docker on unraid), however my log files are flooded with this error:

n in thread “SessionThread” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Port out of range:-1

When i open the Basic UI I also get a “Offline:waiting for connection to become available” error.

The binding seems to work fine however. Is this something I should be worried about?

I could be wrong but I faintly remember seeing this discussed before on this forum. I think the result was getting a different WIFI router/access point. A forum search should turn up the posts.

I also got this error:, but stopped using this version because of the issue 3046. If this repeats, I think this should be logged as an issue.