Error from a binding - how to debug?


I’m using the Zibase binding and I get this error (while most of what I wanted to do is working fine) :

2018-03-30 11:56:49.709 [ERROR] [nternal.ZibaseGenericBindingProvider] - unable to convert zibase value to openHab State : java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

What would you suggest i do to try to understand better what specifically is generating this error?


Depending on how the binding leverages TRACE, you might want to change loglevel first.

Thanks for the fast answer!
I think i have found what triggers the problem by adding traces as suggested.
When the binding receives a Zwave message of this kind:

 from Device ZA11 Battery level=83%

it shows in the trace something like this:

2018-03-30 19:21:27.430 [DEBUG] [inding.zibase.internal.ZibaseBinding] - ZIBASE MESSAGE: ZWave message - Coming from Device ZA11 Battery level=83%1</noise> Level=<lev>3.6</lev>/5 <dev>THWR288A-THN132N</dev> Ch=<ch>1</ch> T=<tem>+19.2</tem>C (+66.5F)  Batt=<bat>Ok</bat>): <id>OS3930890753</id>OS439212802</id>

which appears to me to be a mixed up message with a previous message it did process… As if the memory space where the new shorter message is received is written is not emptied first…

There are various places where the messages sent by my Popp valves seem to have a similar problem, but luckily it is working enough to get what I need from the most of the messages, except the really shortest ones wich are not properly interpreted at all…