Error in Basic UI with Image as Group

After last Update (with great functions on charts in sitemap) I recognized an issue breaks sitemaps in Basic UI:

If in a Frame an Image is used for a group like

Image label="graphic" item=owmCurrentConditionItem" {
       Default Item....

The Image and all further groups based on groups or text areas not clickable anymore.

Looks like Image is not part of sitemaps in combination with html a href anymore?

I was even not aware it was possible to do that !!!
In OH 4.0, you click on the picture and then it opens the sub page ?

For such a case, I will have to think what to do but of course the click should be kept to go to the sub page and not to toggle any header row.

Ideally, please open an issue in Issues · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub
I will then study and propose a fix quickly.

In all earlier versions that worked. With yesterday last made update this is broken.

What’s interesting: all following text groups are broken to.

Try to explain :slight_smile:

Sitemap beginning of Startpage is fine

Image > doesn’t work

Rest of first page in sitemap broken, no group or area clickable after the image usage.

Will create issue later.

Thank you

Not sure if its an example, but item attribute has no opening quote, just closing one.

It was an example, extra did to show, in original item is without quotes as it should be.