Error in log file MapDbPersistenceService

Hello everyone,

when I restart my openhab instance I see a lot of errors similar to this one:

  • An error occurred while calling method ‘QueryablePersistenceService.query()’ on 'org.openhab.persistence.mapdb.internal.MapDbPersistenceService

How can I find out the root cause for this message or how can I fix this one?

openHAB 3.2.0.M5

We have some clues. It only happens on startup so it likely has something to do with restoreOnStartup.

The error is complaining about a query which further supports this being a restoreOnStartup error.

Do you have any Items that remain NULL after OH restarts? That will tell you which Items are having problems.

What happens when you try to query the database from a rule (e.g. call lastUIpdate) or the REST API? For the most part MapDB spends most of its time writing. It only reads (i.e. queries) on restoreOnStartup or when you do so explicitly. If it fails to query from a rule or the REST API then we know MapDB in general is having problems reading.

If not we know there is something specific to when openHAB is starting that is causing problems.

So I checked my influxdb.persist and there is no item with restoreOnStartup (in Openhab 2 I had some with restoreOnStartup).
All Items in this file have a value after a reboot, but maybe the exceptions are thrown before I was able to check the items.

I also have no rule with lastUpdate. So I am not sure where should it come from.

Why are you looking at influxdb? InfluxDB isn’t any part of this. The error is coming from MapDB.

are there specific Items I could check for mapdb?
Or should I check all items?
Openhab says I have 1700 Items so it is hard to check which items are affected.

When is mapdb used? is it for the .map files?

I don’t know. You presumably installed and configured MapDB. What Items are it configured to restore? Can you query states from a rule or the REST API on MapDB?

It’s a persistence add-on just like InfluxDB. You have to install it. It doesn’t come by default.

So I am not sure why I activated this. I am not aware that this is neccessary.
Maybe I just wanted to activate the map transformation.
I removed it and the error is gone.
Thank you for your support.