Error in navigation bar of documentation

There is no link to this page in the sidepanel. I tried to edit it through github but I can’t find the reference to that panel.

Any pointers?

@Confectrician, is this deliberate or an oversight?

I am not sure.

The Sidebar is configured manually here:

There are 2 options:
The page was copied over from eclips smarthome automatically but is hidden on purpose
or it simply was forgotten to add it.

Usually i would guess that it was an oversight, but the profiles page looks quite technical/framework related.
Also we have a profiles section within the items article.


@ysc do you know if it was hidden on purpose?

That’s what I was thinking. Glad to get some confirmation.

No, it magically appeared when it was added to the ESH docs. I saw it by chance a few weeks ago, but didn’t add it to the sidebar, partly due to laziness, partly because it is indeed too technical and would only confuse users that early in the documentation.

TBH this whole Concepts section could probably use a big rewrite from an user perspective, instead of a technical/integrator perspective, now that it’s part of the openHAB docs and isn’t tied to ESH anymore. Since it’s the part immediately following the introduction, some of the very specific implementation details and Java code snippets (!), could probably be dropped.

thats on the list when my reintegrationi prs are done :slightly_smiling_face: