Error in Paper UI after CometVisu AddOn


right after installing the CometVisu add on thru Paper UI, closing the browser, opening it again with OH start page and clicking on PaperUI, I get shown in the lower right corner: Error: 500 - Internal Server Error

Paper UI then loads, but the “Add-ons” is missing in the left navigation bar between Configuration and Preferences.


  1. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, distro-upgrade 2018-02-13, full-update 2018-02-25
  2. Java is Zulu 8 from azulsystems via apt
  3. InfluxDB from influxdata via apt
  4. OH 2.2.0 from bintray via apt
  5. KNX binding and InfluxDB persistence via Paper UI
  6. CometVisu backend via Paper UI Add-ons -> User Interfaces

Behavior is reproduceable, for OH is running on a VM with a snapshot taken before step 6.

Could someone advise me which logs to append here (and how to configure) for this problem? Or maybe someone’s the answer already at hand?

BTW: Found this thread. Should I reopen the related issue?
Also this thread, but I don’t have “%d” in any items file.

Kind regards!

Unfortunately there is a bug in the 2.2.0 release of the CometVisu. You can download a current snapshot build of the openhab2-addons, extract the CometVisu-Addon from it and copy it to your openhab servers addons folder (please make sure that you have no cometvisu-backend installed at that moment).

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