Error in setting JSONPATH?

In MQTT broker I have connected Xiaomi light sensor and am trying to configure its channels
For example, I configure the battery channel like this -

channelTypeUID: mqtt:number
label: battery
description: “”
formatBeforePublish: “%.4f”
transformationPatternOut: JSONPATH:$.battery
stateTopic: 0x54ef441000033fcb
transformationPattern: JSONPATH:$.battery

Unfortunately, no data is sent to this channel (to Item - NULL). Although I can see them in MQTT Explorer.
What am I doing wrong?

incorrect conversion JSONPATH?

Please use code fences when posting code or logs to the forum. Not only does it make it easier to read, in the case of YAML (which you’ve posted) the white space has meaning.

code goes here

According to your screen shot of MQTT Explorer, the topic is zigbee2mqtt/0x54ef441000033fcb

Thanks a lot. I made the settings through Apple. I did the same with PS and everything worked!!