Error loading dashboard list - habmin

Hi all,

all the time when I open habmin I get the error message in the screenshot:

habmin error

I running openhabian: OH 2.5.5-1 - debain buster - Tinkerboard

and the Versoin of habmin is:

I can not see anything in the logs or have found some hints here in the community, so I´m looking forward that anybody can help me

Thanks in advanced

Habmin has not really been maintained in years. It is only recommended for use if you are using Zwave and even then, only to do debugging and low level administration of Zwave. All other capabilities of Habmin have not been updated nor are they guaranteed to work or continue to work going forward. I believe Habmin has been completely removed in OH 3.

this is not a good answer, because on many zwave device the only way for example setting up “location” to seperate in paperui “Control” is using habmin (if paperui does not work, which often happens!)
I hope the team change its approach! otherwisecwe will seevsame nightmare as we have in 2.5 …

Never heard of PaperUI failing on this particular point. Have you filed an issue? Habmin has not been touched for over 5 years. It’s not coming back. PaperUI is being replaced in OH 3. Setting the location is binding independent so it wouldn’t be a problem specific to Zwave.

this happend often but I haven´t reported it until now because I have a work around …
Next time when it happend i will make screens to keep an publish records.

And an other good thing in habmin is that you can see and update items values with releated channel: see

I never saw any option in PaperUI or others.
With this you cann see during the including if the zwave channel is correctly recognised. It happens often for example devolo: MT02648 Door/Window Contact or devolo: MT02650 Devolo Thermostat (09356) or AEON: ZW120 Door/Window sensor Gen5 or Fibaro: FGT001 Thermostatic Valve… all of them often marked as included in paperUI. You add them as thing and everything looks good… Device is shown as online (BTW all the time most not working things are shown as online (green marked)) .- Channels are marked as online… but if you try to get values or you try to switch on/off the device do not react! when you use habmin you can see if there are values the device works.

as I said I´m looking forward to become a night mare again changing to version 3 … without rules in the old way without item files … if i have red correct the annoucements


.rules files will be supported. The only practical difference is no longer will the same Rule be allowed to run more than one instance at the same time.

.items files and .things files will still be supported.

Your words in the lords earbi hope

It’s an german expretion for very deep hope

Cheers Stef

If you watch the Github issues you will see what I say is not just hope. OH 3 already supports .rules files with the new Rules engine. OH 3 already supports .items files and .things files. We don’t have to hope. The development is all done out in the open for anyone to watch. And OH 3 is actually somewhat usable if you want to try it out for yourself.

An internet address for the git hub were pleasant :slight_smile:

And Unfortunatly only reading and having none influence makes only sense to look early enough around for alternatives :wave:

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