Error Saving Item Changes on Windows 10 using REST or Habmin

I’m running OpenHAB2 on Windows 10 and trying to tag items and add them to groups. Whether I use REST or Habmin interfaces I get an error. In Habmin it is: “Error saving item [Label]. Cannot update non-manged Item [Item Name]”. In REST, using Put Item Tags it gives codes:

200 OK
404 Item not found.
405 Item not editable.

I am trying to NOT resort to an Items text file to put lighting tags on my Homekit/Alexa items.

I have configured with and without config/items files, reinstalled versions from Beta 3 up to last nights nightly builds of OpenHAB2 and Habmin. I have tried from a remote machine and the local machine logged in as admin. I can change the Label and Location fields (under Thing/Properties) in Habmin and it saves. Just not the Categories, Tags, or Groups under the Channels/Edit Items button.

This “seems” more like a MapDB permissions issue or some other sort of permissions issue but I’m stuck. It seems others are able to edit and save these fields. I have only seen a couple of posts with this phenomena mentioned. Is it a Windows 10 issue? Database permissions? User permissions?

Any help please chime in. Thanks.