Error Switch and shutter item auto turn On

Hi everybody;
can you help me prolem.
I used OH3.3.0, some time all Item switch and shutter turn on everyday.
Thanks alot.

Two common options:

Either you have a rule that is running or someone else is accessing your openhab installation.

  1. Check/ disable your rules
  2. Check if any network port is opened and your oh installation is accessable from the web or not

Nobody can tell you in detail why a switch is on or off

Just to clarify, it’s not common for someone else to be able to access your openHAB system. What’s common is that we discuss the possibility when there is unexpected behaviour in openHAB, out of concern for security.

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Thank you. I will close port and check prolem.

If you had open ports to the Internet, then you should consider your system to be compromised and a risk to the rest of your network. See this recent thread for some things to think about.

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