Error when trying to send email

Hi everyone,

I don’t get the problem here. I’m trying to send mails via script but receive an error message which is described below:

This is the THING which I created:

Have this dsl script is created as part of rule:

val mailActions = getActions("mail","mail:smtp:87b6523d5e")
val success = mailActions.sendMail("", "Betreff", "Mailtext")

When executing the script I get the following entries in the log:

2022-04-03 10:17:24.613 [WARN ] [ab.binding.mail.internal.SMTPHandler] - Sending the email to the following server failed :
2022-04-03 10:17:24.614 [WARN ] [ab.binding.mail.internal.SMTPHandler] - javax.mail.MessagingException: IOException while sending message;
  nested exception is:
	javax.activation.UnsupportedDataTypeException: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

GMail login settings in the thing should be ok, as I changed to a wrong password, and then the log returns a proper message.

Hope you can advice.

Many thanks!


Please use the forum search first before opening a new topic

many thanks for the hint! Actually this post was not returned by my search as I was looking for the wring topic.

Best regards

Fix just got meged and will be part of the next SNAPSHOT and upcoming Milestone…