Error while connecting to openHAB REST API

Hi everyone

I have just moved OH from windows too RPI (I’m new to linux)

Im trying to get vs code back up and running i can edit the files but am not getting sugestions/help

I have mounted the openhabian SMB shares on my windows machine and changed vs code config file too point too the new server


	"": "",
	"openhab.port": 8080,
	"git.ignoreMissingGitWarning": true


	"folders": [
			"path": "."
			"path": "Z:\\"
	"settings": {}

Any help appreciated

Try "openhab.port": 5007,
That’s the language server port

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Please, no :slight_smile:

    "": "openhabianpi",
    "openhab.karafCommand": "ssh openhab@%openhabhost% -p 8101",
    "openhab.lspEnabled": true,
    "openhab.lspPort": 5007,
    "openhab.paperInBrowser": false,
    "openhab.paperPath": "paperui",
    "openhab.password": "",
    "openhab.port": 8080,
    "openhab.restCompletions": true,
    "openhab.sitemapPreviewUI": "basicui",
    "openhab.useRestApi": false,
    "openhab.username": ""

These are the default settings for the openHAB extension. You will have to switch openhab.useRestApi to true and of course change the to the correct one.

When I first setup my system on Windows the recommended settings were the ones I used and posted?

should i also change the user name and password seems too work without

I’m pretty sure that by default there is no username nor a password set in openHAB2

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Thanks for your help appreciate it