Errors after Upgrade to OH4 (unit conversion and icon file)

getting the same error. didn’t really find a solution here…

Number:Length           OneCallAPIweatherandforecast_ForecastHours01_Visibility          "Visibility"                                  ["Point"]  { channel="openweathermap:onecall:bridge:local:forecastHours01#visibility", unit="km" }

still brings the error:

Failed to update item 'OneCallAPIweatherandforecast_ForecastHours01_Visibility' because '87 %' could not be converted to the item unit 'km'

previously unit wasn’t configured at all.

Well, the error in this case seems pretty clear. OpenWeatherMap is providing a % for that Channel instead of length. You can’t just convert 87 % into km.

As for why it’s returning a percent I can’t say. Seems like it shouldn’t. I spot checked a few visibility Channels for OWM and they are all defined as Number:Length. Maybe it’s a bug?