Errors migrating to openhab2 (SOLVED)

Hi. I use Windows 10, openhab2.2. I cannot see any changes in items when running ClasicUI. PaperUI shows everything.
My sitemap:

sitemap rosa label="Main Menu"
	Frame label="Date" {
  		Text item=gDate
	Frame label="Various" {
		Group item=gWOL label="WOL" icon="switch"
		Group item=gMobiles label="Presence" icon="switch"
		Group item=gElektrika label="Energy" icon="energy"
	Frame label="TV (Circle)" {
    	Switch item=P002
	    Text item=P002_Power
	    Text item=P002_Energy

My items:

Group gAll
Group gPoraba		"PORABA"		<chart>			(gAll)
Group:Number:SUM gElektrika "Elektrika [%.0f W]" <plugwise> (gPoraba)
Group gPlugwise		"Vticnice vse"  <battery>		(gAll, gElektrika)
Group gInfo		    "Info"		    <keyring>		(gAll)
Group gInitZero
Group gInitOn
Group gInitOff
Group gInitString
Group gInitClosed
Group gPersistentValues
Group gStatus
Group gShutters
Group gInfo		    "Info"			<zoom>
Group gElektrika	"Electricity"	<energy>		[ "energy" ]
Group gTest		    "TESTI"			<slider>
Group gROSA		    "ROSA"			<motion>	(gAll, gInfo)
String dDate "Date [%s]" { channel="ntp:ntp:local:string" }

/* WOL items */
Group gWOL	"WOL" <switch>
Switch EmptySW                "Empty sw"    (gWOL)
Switch Network_PC_Rok         "PC Rok"		(gWOL)	{ wol="" }

/* Presence items */
Group gMobiles "Presence" (gInfo)
Switch EmptyM       "EmptyM" (gMobiles)
Switch Router		"Router" (gMobiles)  <network> { channel="network:pingdevice:192_168_1_1:online" }
Switch Xerox		"Xerox" (gMobiles)	<network> { channel="network:pingdevice:192_168_1_101:online" }

/* PLUGWISE items */
Group:Number:SUM gCurrPower "Poraba: trenutna [%.0f W]"	<energy> (gElektrika, gPersistentValues)
Number P002_cW	"Power: TV [%.0f W]" 			<socket> (gPlugwise, gCurrPower) { channel="plugwise:circle:pw_tv:power" }
Group:Number:SUM gTotalkWh "Poraba: celokupna [%.0f kWh]" <energy> (gElektrika)
Number P002_kwh	"Power: TV [%.3f kWh]" 			<kwh> (gPlugwise, gTotalkWh)	{ channel="plugwise:circle:pw_tv:energy" }

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gPowerSwitch "Stikala ON/OFF [(%d)]" <plugwise> (gElektrika)
Switch P002	"Power: TV"				<switch> (gPlugwise, gPowerSwitch)	{ channel="plugwise:circle:pw_tv:state" }

No rules.


Bridge plugwise:stick:demostick [ serialPort="COM4", messageWaitTime=150 ]
Thing plugwise:circle:pw_tv (plugwise:stick:demostick) [ macAddress="000D6F00003FF580", measurementInterval=300 ]
Thing plugwise:circleplus:pw_cplus (plugwise:stick:demostick) [ macAddress="000D6F0000469C0B" ] {
        Type clock : clock [ updateInterval=30 ]
        Type energy : energy [ updateInterval=600 ]
        Type power : power [ updateInterval=10 ]
        Type realtimeclock : realtimeclock [ updateInterval=30 ]
        Type state : state [ updateInterval=10 ]

I cannot see any change in Data, WOL, presence or plugwise. When clicking them from the homepage, the groups are empty.

In log files I see:
…‘Presence’ will be ignored, because its item ‘gMobiles’ does not exist.
same for energy(gElektrika) and wol(gWOL)…

Any idea?

You defined the groups gInfo and gElektrika twice.


Switch Routerc "Router" <network> (gMobiles) { channel="network:pingdevice:192_168_1_1:online" }
Switch Xerox "Xerox" <network> (gMobiles) { channel="network:pingdevice:192_168_1_101:online" }

Hi. I do not know what I did but the thing started to work?!? I incorporated both your suggestions and made tons of other things and it started to work… Cannot report back what I did, because I do not know which change made the difference!!!

Now only the “DATE” does not work…

Well, the date solution:
.things: ntp:ntp:local [ hostname=“”, refreshInterval=60, refreshNtp=30 ]
.items: String dDate “Date [%s]” { channel=“ntp:ntp:local:string” }
.sitemap: Text item=dDate

Things I did wrong: sitemap i used gDate instead of dDate. 2.things declaration was missing.

Thank you all VERY MUCH!!!