Errors when static ip enabled

Hello! Wasn’t sure where to put this, so here it is. I’ve been fiddling with openhab on my raspberry for a couple weeks (when I have time), and have a pretty good basic system going. Last night I enabled a static ip. Thought all was well. I can ssh in, and all seems fine. Except I couldn’t access open hab through the app. A quick scan of the openhab log file shows it full of errors (I can post them once I’m home). Looks to me like the addons are unable to connect to the internet. Disabling the static ip seemed to bring everything back to normal. Any thoughts on what could be the cause of this? Thanks.

Sometimes when you set a static IP you have to set other details (gateway, DNS servers, etc) - I haven’t played with the Pi though but thought I’d post this in case it helps.