ESH OneWire Binding


I started a OneWire binding for ESH. It includes a discovery service for all devices I could test. You can download the latest version here. There is not much documentation yet, but most should be self-explaining for OneWire users. You need an installed OWFS somewhere.

Feel free to ask or make suggestions.

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It’s been some month and this binding evoled quite a bit. The new version (which requires an ESH/OH with the new unit support (QuantityType) can be found here. I also added some documentation, this is located here.

From my point of view this is almost feature-complete for the moment and working at my home. Please give any hints, what additional sensors you would like to see (at best, provide a datasheet), and report any errors you encounter.

My next steps are adding unit tests.

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Since the binding itself has been merged, I’ll add a new thread for adding additional sensors.