ESH Update, OSM Integration, Bluetooth Binding and more


Today I have created a new stable build of Eclipse SmartHome, which let’s many fixes and improvements become available in the latest openHAB distro builds (starting with distro #1212).

One noticeable feature is the support for OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps in configurations - so where ever you are expected to enter geo coordinates as a configuration value, you can now simply place a marker on a map, like e.g. for the system location itself:

Another highlight is that this build contains a very first version of a Bluetooth (BLE) binding, which is maintained at ESH.
It is currently only supported on Linux through BlueZ on armhf, but as this means that it runs on a Raspberry Pi, this should be the most important platform for the start. This initial binding version so far only supports scanning for devices/beacons and reading their signal strength, but I hope that we will see more and more specific Bluetooth device support being added over the coming months.

As always, please report if you see any regressions to previous builds - if nothing serious comes up, I’d actually soon plan to do a milestone build, so that people who do not want to go for snapshot builds have another option to get hold of latest features without having to struggle with instable builds.



Does it mean, just Raspberry Pi is supported while BlueZ on Debian/amd64/i386 is not?

Correct, only the armhf JNI binaries are included as the x86 version is huge and would blow up the jar. We’ll have to figure out how to best add platform specific bundles automatically to also make it available on x86, arm64 and others.

Looks like there is one major issue so far related to this update:

Thanks, we will look into it soon!

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Thx for the quick fix, all working now :+1:

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